Hi – here is your download page.

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We will be uploading words, music and recordings of your parts. To play the file simply click on the link. To save the file Right Click on the link and select ‘save link as…’ (this may vary depending on the browser you are using. If you have any problems downloading then please contact Tony

Merry Christmas
Merry Xmas Ladies   Merry Xmas Men

Bella Momma
Bella Momma All

Lean on Me

Lean on Me Sop   Lean on Me Men   Lean on Me Alto

City of Stars
City of Stars SOP    City of Stars ALTO     City of Stars MEN

The Place Where the Lost Things Go
Lost Things Sop    Lost Things Alto    Lost Things Men

Goin’ Home
Goin' Home Men    Goin' Home Alto 1    Goin' Home Alto 2


Anthem Sop    Anthem Alto    Anthem Men    Anthem Backing

Christmas Cannon of Peace

Backing Track


Sunrise Walk New Beam Me Up Make you feel... Sunrise Walk vocal

Please be aware that the vocal track has afew minor istakes in it but we can fix these at rehearsal. The mistakes will work though – in other words they are in tune with the backing.

The recording is not very clear but it should be OK for rehearsal purposes. Sorry about that. I have also uploaded the lyrics in Word and pdf format. Just click to download.

Wonderwall All

Wonderwall Words DOCX   Wonderwall Words PDF

Riversong Men   Riversong Alto   Riversong Sop

See You Again
See You Again Sop   See You Again Men   See You Again Alto

Photograph Men   Photograph Alto   Photograph Sop

Fields of Gold
Fields of Gold Men   Fields of Gold Alto   Fields of GoldSop   Fields of Gold Track

Rhythm of Life
Rhythm Life Sop   Rhythm Life Alto   Rhythm Life Men

Rhythm Life Backing

Rockstar Sop   Rockstar Alto

Rockstar Men 5-9   Rockstar Men 25   Rockstar Men 39

Rockstar piano

Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud Sop    Thinking Out Loud Men

Please note that the Soprano part and the Alto part have been recorded together. Most of the song is sung in unison for these two parts but where the alto line is different it has been marked with the piano under the vocal. Also these recordings were rushed and some of the notes may be a bit iffy but, in the main, they are right.

You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone Sop   You Are Not Alone Alto part 1   You Are Not Alone Alto part 2   You Are Not Alone Men part 1   You Are Not Alone Men part 2

Candle on the Water
Candle on the Water Sop Candle on the Water Alto

Candle on the Water Men Candle on the Water Full

Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know Sop Somewhere Only We Know Alto Somewhere Only We Know Men

Time After Time

Time After Time Sop Time After Time Alto Time After Time Men

Sound of Music

Sound of Music Full Sound of Music Sops Sound of Music Alto

Sound of music men

Christmas in 90 Seconds
Xmas 90 sec Men   Xmas 90 sec Alto   Xmas 90 sec Sop   Xmas 90 sec Full

Backing Tracks – Below are the backing tracks for the songs we are singing this Christmas.
Winter Sky   Whacky Family   In Dulce Jubilo   Happy Xmas War is   Fields of Gold   Christmas Lullaby

Happy Xmas (War is Over)
Happy Xmas Sop   Happy Xmas Men   Happy Xmas Alto

Christmas Lullaby
Xmas Lullaby Men   Xmas Lullaby Sop   Xmas Lullaby Alto

In Dulce Jubilo
In Dulce Jubilo Men   In Dulce Jubilo Sop   In Dulce Jubilo Alto

What a Wonderful World:
What a Wonderful World Soprano
What a Wonderful World Alto
What a Wonderful World Bass

The Lion Sleeps Tonight:
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Sops
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Male Part
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Alto

And So It Goes:
New And So It Goes Altos
And So It Goes Sops
And So It Goes Tenor
And so it goes me singing the soprano part
And So It Goes Pauline’s solo

As Long As I Have Music:
As Long As I Have Music M- Sops
New As Long As I Have Music Alto
As long as I have music- alto
As Long As I Have Music Male Part
For as long as I have music me singing the soprano part
Mamma Mia:
Mamma Mia Soprano Part
Mamma Mia Alto Part
Mamma Mia Male Part
Mamma Mia Me Singing Sop
Mamma Mia Me Singing Alto Part


Sing 1st part

Sing 2nd part