Saturday (30th) at Scraptoft

Hi. A quick update for Saturday. The running list is as per our discussion at the las rehearsal. The full address for the church¬† is Church Hill, Scraptoft, Leicester LE7 9SN. If you use this address you will see where everything is going on when you get there. I should be able to get away from the Little Theatre by about 1.30ish and it is about a 20-minute drive so, allowing time for parking etc I should be there by about 2pm. This means that we will be performing as soon as¬†I get there so try and warm your voice up before that time. You can do it in the car on the way to the church. In any case, we are singing Bella Momma. The second set will be about 3pm. Dress is smart casual (no blacks unless you want to) ladies to wear your scarves. I know Richard can’t make it but, as far as I know, the rest of you are OK. If you cannot make it can you let me know please either by text or via the Facebook group page. See you Saturday.

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